Christmas Angels used in Decorating at Home

December 23, 2009
In the spirit of keeping it frugal, check out these angels. The range in cost is between $1.99 and $10 and we’ve had them for years. After Christmas, we pack everything up and store them in either plastic garbage bags, or large plastic bins. This way it keeps the dust and dirt off and looks brand new every year.

Photos by our friend Peter Liu, a fantastic photographer. Check out the rest of his photos from our decorations in our home on Peter’s latest post, A Fabulously Frugal Christmas.


Decorated Christmas Trees – Maui Resort Style

December 19, 2009
One way to get fantastic decorating ideas is to check out hotel lobbies. Blessed to live on Maui, here is some of what I found today, both favorites and not so favorites. Enjoy. Which one is your favorite?

Christmas Decorations for Office

December 19, 2009

To add drama without interfering with the office color schemes we hung paper lanterns from the ceiling with fishing wire. The christmas decorations all have white and gold to keep the theme elegant.

After Christmas Frugal Shopping Plans

December 19, 2009

Only six days left until Christmas. You can find some of the best deals on Christmas items right after Christmas. Starting to plan for next years themes now. On the wish list so far:

  • Pre-Lit LED Christmas trees in different sizes (they are packed neatly in boxes, or sometimes you get the best deals on the displays themselves)
  • Bright Green Christmas balls and/or bright green accessories
  • Christmas picks (must be less than $.50 a piece)
  • LED lighted Christmas Angels


Holiday Party Decorating Themes

December 16, 2009

This Year I found myself donating decorations for several different types of parties – one at a restaurant, two at our home, and one at the office so far. I came up with one theme for the holiday parties, that way they can be reused for each one. I had several bows from a tree that was decorated last year already made. Since there was quantity, it was easy to just start there. When I was originally parsing through my personal stash, I separated the red ornaments, and poinsettias for this use since it matched the bows. Then I used swags to make centerpieces. The swags are low and flat, that way if you use them on a table, people can still talk and see over them. However, they have impact when you use multiple swags.

For example, one of the parties, had two long tables (27 people), so the swags were strategically placed down the middle of the tables. Off to one side, was a two foot tree decorated with the same bows, poinsettia’s, and balls.

The next party was at our home with only 12 people. I used the decorations to decorate one long table, and around the bar area, and the pupu (appetizer) area, and a lounge area.

The second party at our home had over 20 people, and several tables for conversation. Each table got one centerpiece and the same color table cloths. Even though the tables were of different sizes, everything still matched. The fourth party hasn’t happened yet – tomorrow night – will have tables with food, and drink, but mostly people will be standing. I’ll let you know how the same decorations are used.

Blue and green decorated Christmas tree – Christmas theme for office

December 5, 2009
This is a real tree in the conference room. It was a team effort to decorate the office and this tree. The idea was to use primarily blue and silver for the main colors and a few bits of green  throughout the office for a real winter wonderland.

Decorated White Christmas Tree and White Garland

December 5, 2009
Used white garlands, angels, boat standing on end like shelves, a white christmas tree, bows, flowers, and christmas balls. When you are tight on space, look up. We used the top of our cabinets above each of our desks in order to bring in a little christmas. The tree went on top of our lateral file cabinet. We had absolutely no floor space to spare.

Christmas Village

December 5, 2009

Put each building in your village at a different level. Use crates, the boxes the buildings come in or even books. Picture a mountain with the houses tucked into the banks. Cover the boxes with fabric (e.g. sheet or table cloth). We used raw white fabric and filled in with lighted trees covered with artificial snow.

BEFORE and AFTER Centerpiece

December 3, 2009

Materials Needed:

  • 1 swag
  • 5 christmas balls,
  • 1 candle holder for 3 candles spray painted silver
  • 3 bows
  • 2 grap clusters
  • 1 floral branch taken apart

First, fluff the swag. Then place the spray painted candle holder and wrap with greens from the swag. Glue the balls to the top of each candle holder. Place bows around along with the two grape clusters and two extra balls. IF you need it secure, go ahead and hot glue in place. Added the floral pieces last to fill in the spaces.


Nativity Scene

December 3, 2009

It’s nice if nativity scenes are at eye level. We are using the end of our bar to display ours this year. It was custom painted by one of our friends, Dan Beauchamp.